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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2017 7:47pm-7:52pm EDT

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>> your commitment to social concerns mlelds faith and action to combat poverty worldwide. believe that it is the most interdependent age in human so, if the primary object that you and your crowd it or you want to create a world in which every single person has his or her shot? announcer: 2017 commencements beaches, speakers include senator cory booker, senator former president bill clinton at hobart and wilkinson colleges, former senator kelly ayotte and general
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dunker at -- tomorrow on c-span, a look at the politics and security of the asia-pacific region and tensions on the korean peninsula, live from the international institute for strategic studies at 10 a.m. eastern. at thethe symposium foreign school of integration. --talks about the state law the supreme court decision that found separate but equal to the unconstitutional. watch at 1:15 p.m. eastern on c-span. announcer: in case you missed it senator ronregon wyden on the cbo score for the american health care act. is over $800pacted
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billion in medicaid cuts and these medicaid cuts are going to hit american communities like a wrecking ball and the pain is going to be felt throughout the ages. announcer: from obscenity -- vermont senator bernie sanders and mick mulvaney on the 2018 budget. we think it is wrong that ordinary folks lose coverage. >> ordinary people, is the lawson family and ordinary family -- walton family an ordinary family? i ask you why the wealthiest families in america are getting a $2 billion -- announcer: secretary of homeland security john kelly on future manchester style terrorist attacks. that were bornds and raised in france and germany, they have legal
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passports. they have left to fight in the caliphate. in many cases their countries to do not know they have left and then they come back. they are hardened warriors that will do things like in manchester. as horrible as manchester was, my expectation was we will see a lot more of that kind of attack. announcer: bob woodward on his impressions on president trump. we asked -- >> we asked him about power and we quoted some things obama said that power comes to the united states because of its humility and restraint and trump said real power is, i hate to use the word but real power is fear. announcer: c-span programs are available on, on our homepage and by searching the
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video library. announcer: congressional leaders halla wreath in statuary in honor of soldiers serving in the military and those held capital -- those held captive and unaccounted for. he gave a ceremonial prayer. >> ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the 115th congress, welcome.


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